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The current federal minimum wage is $7.25, but wvery state is different as to what their minimum wage is. Many states have established their own minimum wage -- which is usually higher than the federal minimum wage. Here's a list of minimum wages, state by state.

Ease of operation, long inventory shelf life, and a high profit margin are all good reasons to consider the Mini Donut business. Also, your supplies don't require refrigeration!

Eye-opening salary facts if you're thinking about driving for Uber or Lyft. Testimonials from Uber drivers & Lyft drivers, driver pay secrets, tips & tricks

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You're sure to generate a lot of laughs if you try one of these work pranks. photo by akeg on Flickr

FUN ideas to lighten things up around the office. Some of these work pranks are flat out crazy. But others might be worth a try - as long as the people in your office have a good sense of humor!


The QR code resume and the video resume are great ideas in today's competitive job market. Want to stand out from the other job applicants? Try one of these ideas.

A business marketing & brand management expert shares her top business outsourcing tips -- including how to outsource specific work tasks, how a virtual assistant can improve your bottom line, a list of outsourcing companies that provide outsourcing services, and some outsourcing examples to get you started.

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