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Eye-opening salary facts if you're thinking about driving for Uber or Lyft. Testimonials from Uber drivers & Lyft drivers, driver pay secrets, tips & tricks

A business marketing & brand management expert shares her top business outsourcing tips -- including how to outsource specific work tasks, how a virtual assistant can improve your bottom line, a list of outsourcing companies that provide outsourcing services, and some outsourcing examples to get you started.

Each year, you get an updated Social Security Earnings Statement. Don't throw your Social Security Statement Sample reports in the trash! Here's what you should do with them instead.

How familiar are you with your 401k retirement plan? Do you know what your contribution options are? What happens to your 401k benefits when you leave your job? I'll help you make sense of your 401k plan.

Sole proprietorship, LLC, and S-Corporation are the most common structures for a small business with only 1 owner. Tips for setting up a sole proprietorship, based on our experience.

Small business owners don't always know the red flags that can cause an IRS audit. But we do! 5 tips you probably haven't thought of to avoid a tax audit.

Hiring interns, outsourcing work, bartering services, and other out-of-the-box ways to find employees for your new business when cash flow may be tight.

Freelance Taxes

Are you a freelancer? Me too! If you work as an independent contractor, these tips will help you make sense of the tricky laws on freelance taxes.

If you save papers (like for tax purposes), you need a shredder - especially if you work from home or have a small business. We have 2 paper shredders. See why we chose the ones we did.