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A business marketing & brand management expert shares her top business outsourcing tips -- including how to outsource specific work tasks, how a virtual assistant can improve your bottom line, a list of outsourcing companies that provide outsourcing services, and some outsourcing examples to get you started.

How familiar are you with your 401k retirement plan? Do you know what your contribution options are? What happens to your 401k benefits when you leave your job? I'll help you make sense of your 401k plan.

What I love most about my co-working space is the creative energy and professional community. I'm really enjoying the coworking office benefits also like after-hours events & opportunities to brainstorm with others.

Is your small or home-based business having a growth spurt? Might be time to consider virtual office rental. Here are the benefits of virtual office space, a list of services offered, and how much it costs.

Before relocating for a job, consider these things: What's the cost of living there? Should you relocate now... or maybe wait a little later? What if it doesn't work out?

Still trying to determine how much you need to retire? I've got 5 easy steps to help you figure it out. Plus retirement calculators that do the work for you.

Freelance Taxes

Are you a freelancer? Me too! If you work as an independent contractor, these tips will help you make sense of the tricky laws on freelance taxes.

Looking for cheap office space for your small business? Here are the pros & cons of working out of a garage vs. renting a storage unit and working there!

If early retirement is in your plans, here are 3 things you need to do NOW in order to retire early... and comfortably. Psst, you might not be as ready as you think you are!