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Looking for some laughs at work? Want to try funny work pranks? These are the best office pranks that are guaranteed to bring a little levity to the daily grind.

Is your small or home-based business having a growth spurt? Might be time to consider virtual office rental. Here are the benefits of virtual office space, a list of services offered, and how much it costs.

I've increased my productivity at work by incorporating some zen-inspired items into my office space. These easy & creative workspace ideas will make a big difference for you as well!

Freelance Taxes

Are you a freelancer? Me too! If you work as an independent contractor, these tips will help you make sense of the tricky laws on freelance taxes.

Looking for cheap office space for your small business? Here are the pros & cons of working out of a garage vs. renting a storage unit and working there!

If you save papers (like for tax purposes), you need a shredder - especially if you work from home or have a small business. We have 2 paper shredders. See why we chose the ones we did.

Whether you work at home running your own home-based business or you telecommute as part of your job for another employer, you should know that there are certain tax deductions that you can take. And some that you can't. Here's what you need to know...

Why not make a 'business card' promoting your own website? You can hand them out at events, tack them up on community bulletin boards inside stores & offices, and more! See how to make your own FREE business cards here...