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Best Days To Call In Sick At Work + Some Really Good Sick Day Excuses And Ways To Tell Your Boss You Need The Day Off

Have you ever called in sick at work even though you weren’t really sick?

I know, me neither (cough cough).

Here are some fun ideas for planning your sick days at work…

The Best Days To Call In Sick

While Monday is the most common day for people to call in sick, that’s not the best day to do it.

The best day to call in sick and get away with it is actually Tuesday.

The biggest reason for this is the fact that your boss is more likely to believe your excuse on a Tuesday — since employers are used to Mondays and Fridays being filled with fakers who simply want to extend their weekend.

Weirdly, and with no apparent explanation, the best time to call in for a sick day is Tuesday morning at 6:38 AM precisely. Speculating, it could be that calling in earlier may help dispel any suspicions. You clearly didn’t oversleep (for whatever reason), so there’s less reason to doubt a big night out or pure laziness.


Here are some interesting insights for choosing the best day to take off work.

Best Excuses For Calling In Sick To Work

So now you know the absolute best days to take off work — you’re also going to need a good excuse when you call in sick.

Of course, the best reasons to call in sick at work are because you are legitimately sick, or someone in your family is and you have to care for them.

But if those reasons don’t apply right now, then your best bet is to choose from one of these sick day excuses:

As explained in this video, food poisoning is one of the best excuses for missing work. Why? Because food poisoning never lasts for long — so it makes sense that you’d be perfectly fine the next day!

Don’t forget to think about the next day when you go back to work…

The best kind of illness to fake is a stomach virus/food poisoning — because nobody can work when they are puking … Nobody will expect you to have come into the office the day before if you couldn’t hold down liquids. Plus, this kind of illness is easier to lie about. Put some rice cakes and crackers on top of your real lunch (which will be hidden deep within your bag) and say, “I am trying to recoup my stomach by eating light food.” People will be sympathetic (and scared to get too close.)


How To Approach Your Boss When Calling In Sick

When requesting sick days at work, it’s up to you whether you decide to call, email, or text your boss — all are acceptable:

Here’s some helpful advice before you contact your boss about sick days at work:

Calling In Sick To Work Laws

Here are some important facts that you’ll want to know about the law if you’re thinking of calling in sick to work:

If you’re out sick for a day or two with, say, a cold or something minor, you have little legal protection under federal law. The laws that protect you for illness only protect you if you have a serious medical condition or an illness relating to a disability. Doctor’s note or not, if you live anywhere but Montana you’re in an at-will state — meaning you can be fired for any reason or no reason at all. That includes being sick (unless your state or city has a paid sick leave law).


The Bottom Line

Tuesday is the best day to call in sick. And 6:30 AM is the best time to call in sick (6:38 AM to be exact).

Of course, the same also applies when sending a text or email when requesting a sick day. Just be sure to use some discretion if you choose to text your boss rather than call or email — because some employers discourage texts.

So, the takeaway here is… if you’re not really sick but you feel like you need a sick day (or a mental health day), make sure it’s a Tuesday, and it’s really early in the morning, then follow the above tips to come up with a great excuse for missing work — and have fun!