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The QR code resume and the video resume are great ideas in today's competitive job market. Want to stand out from the other job applicants? Try one of these ideas.

Use these tips to stand out from other job applicants! Our best online job search tips to help you find a job online AND the 7 best online job sites to start with.

Your actor headshots are your "business card". I'm a working actor with some headshot tips for actors getting started + Tips for creating your acting resume.

If you sell yourself in the resume and follow up after submitting your resume, then you can almost guarantee a job interview! Here's how to do both of those things.

Sending an email resume is one of the best ways to get a job interview. But it's a little-known secret that few job candidates actually use. Here's how to email a resume.

Is your resume easy to read? Does it stand out? Is it relevant for the job you want? Does it use the “best” words? Start here to make sure your resume is up to par.

Don't have time to head back to college but craving a new career? When resume writing: include volunteer experience, freelance work, and more resume tips.

For most people on the job market right now, jobs are hard to find -- especially for more experienced workers. So the question is often asked, "Should I dumb down my resume to help get my foot in the door?" Here are the pros and cons of dumbing down your resume.

These new job search tips apply to anyone entering the job market for the very first time. I realize that 'general' job search tips can be found in books and websites everywhere, but these are very specific tips geared for TODAY's job seeker. Consider these the best new 'modern' tips that will make the biggest difference in your job search.