Looking For A Job In This Tight Economy? Here Are 7 Industries That Are Hiring!

by Andrea

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business-man-handshake-by-Henkster.jpg If you are looking for a job (or a second job), you might be discouraged.  It seems that jobs are few and far between these days.

However, if you extend your job search to a few specific industries, you may find that there are quite a few industries that are actively hiring right now.

Here are some places you may want to look to find a job, or possibly even to start a business.


Debt collection agencies are expanding and even hiring.  This may be bad news to many, but if you are good at negotiating with people, this may be a good job for you.

As a record number of Americans dig deeper into debt, debt collectors have more and more work to do.  Some of the bigger firms outsource to India, but local companies still need executives and other workers.

Learn how to start a debt collection business.


Barter networks are very popular when money is short.  Not only can you seek work with a barter agency, but you may also want to save some money by using one!  Brokers are needed to help clients make deals and to process accounts.  If working for a barter company is not something you want to do, consider starting a business that will appeal to people who do barter — such as advertising.

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If you are looking for a retail job, consider working at a consignment store.  These stores are taking in a great deal of retail revenue right now.  Visit the consignment shops in your area with your resume in hand.  Many consignment shops are privately-owned and are often run day-to-day by the owners themselves.  Chances are, consignment shop owners have been toying with the idea of hiring some help.   Ask for the job before someone else does.


There are always jobs in fast food.  Something you may not know about fast food jobs is that they often pay better than retail jobs — especially in management.

Here’s what it’s like to have a fast food job (including information on the salary of a fast food worker).


Look for temporary and contract work.  Companies themselves may not be hiring right now, but they still need to get projects done and have short-term contracts for which they need revenue.  They usually hire temporary and contract workers for such jobs.  In fact, the American Staffing Association reports an increase in temporary employment placement.  For this reason, you should seek out recruiters and temporary agencies to sign up for work.

Here are some temporary jobs that pay well.


If you are an out of work homebuilder, you should look into remodeling.  There will be some licensing issues you may have to look into to get started, as it will be different from licenses required for homebuilders, but it’s usually worth the hassle.  Being flexible enough to switch from homebuilding to remodeling will keep you in the building business until new home sales pick up again.  A friend of mine did this recently, and has managed to get his life back on track after his big income as a homebuilder dried up.

How to start a business as a remodeling contractor.


And finally, if you have a sense of adventure and enjoy a little danger, then you may want to look into doing repossession work.  You can actually work from home as a repo man!

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