How To Sell Avon: An Avon Rep’s 6 Best Tips For Being Wildly Successful At Selling Avon Products

by Dr. Kristie

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As an Avon sales representative, you always want to find new customers and sell more products to your existing customers.

However, most reps are not wildly successful at selling Avon.

sell Avon lipstick

Why not?

It’s not because Avon products don’t have a market. Truth is, few Avon reps have the “fire in the belly” motivation needed to turn this inexpensive business opportunity into a substantial money maker.

But you can be different.

Here’s how to sell Avon and make higher profits than most other Avon representatives:


#1 – Don’t Spend Profits On Product For Yourself

Many Avon sellers make the mistake of spending their profits on items for themselves.

It’s usually a part of the allure that makes selling Avon seem so attractive at first. However, if you want to be really good at selling Avon, you need to get past that beginner’s mentality.

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Yes, it’s always a good idea to know about your products firsthand. However, to make serious money as an Avon product representative you have to treat it like a business — not a hobby.

So remember:  you’re in the business to make money, not to get product discounts!

One thing that helps is to set sales goals for yourself — when you reach them, treat yourself to an Avon product as a reward for a job well done.


#2 – Publish A Newsletter & Website

One way to keep in touch with your customers is to publish a monthly newsletter that keeps them informed of cosmetic trends and what new Avon products are available.

You’ll also have access to an Avon website like: “” but you may choose your own domain and can purchase through a domain registry.

selling avon online website

Having your own web address (domain name) makes it look like you really take your business seriously and you intend to be around for awhile. Make sure you put your website address on your business cards and on your brochures.

In both the newsletter and your website, talk about your personal experiences with Avon products and give suggestions on how to use the latest Avon cosmetics.

TIP: Customers love to learn new ways to use cosmetics. They will be more likely to buy your products, if you can show them how those products will make their life better.


#3 – Approach Businesses In Your Community

This can be a goldmine if worked properly. Women who work in local offices wear cosmetics to work every single day, and they seldom have the time to shop for them.

sell avon to business women

So take a stack of Avon brochures and drop them off at offices in your area along with samples. Offer an incentive to buy from you — such as giving first time customers a free gift or a small percentage off their order.

Let them know you’ll be returning at the same time each week to offer more samples and take their orders.


#4 – Personalize Your Brochures

When you drop off the latest Avon brochure to your old customers, always include a sticky note on the front cover with a product suggestion specifically tailored to their needs and interests.

selling avon with personalized brochures

To make it easier to stay on top of your customers’ unique wants and needs, keep a database of what each customer orders and what they’re interested in.

That way, you can customize your Avon marketing each time to meet their specific needs. They will love you for it!


#5 – Send Thank You Notes

When a new customer orders Avon products from you, send them a personalized thank you card.

 sell avon-representative-business-cards

Let them know how excited you are to welcome them as a customer.

This small step is something that most Avon reps seldom do, and it’s one of the most effective ways to build customer loyalty.

TIP: Be sure to include your business card with your website on it — so they will remember how to get in touch with you.


#6 – Be Informed And Enthusiastic

To be a better Avon product representative, take the time to stay abreast of the latest cosmetic trends — and always be prepared to show your customers how to use them.

sell Avon products

Blog on your website to talk about your favorite products. Give tips and advice to keep your readers coming back again and again. Doing a little research about your favorite product while writing a blog article can help you learn as you go. Source

Being knowledgeable and enthusiastic about your product is contagious. Get people excited about what you have to offer and they’ll reward you with repeat orders.


Being a successful Avon product representative is not difficult if you’re prepared to put forth the time and effort needed to build a loyal customer following. Be consistent with your marketing efforts and you should see the return you’re looking for!


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