Do YOU Have The Next Million Dollar Idea?…

by Lynnette

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Alex Tew, creator of the million dollar homepage, as reported in this article by Tom Geoghegan of BBC News Magazine. How many times have you said, “Now, why didn’t I think of that?”

This guy put his one-of-a-kind idea into action when he set out to create a million dollar homepage.

It’s been a huge success. And it’s a great example of how you can “think outside the box” and succeed when others might tell you otherwise.

Here is Alex’s take on things… via his own million dollar blog.

One thing’s for sure, Alex Tew certainly has spurred on other people to think of creative “million dollar ideas”…


The Million Dollar Paint Job

Ryan Boldt is a 19-year-old trying to raise enough money for college.

He’s a creative guy. In fact, he’s hoping to go to the Art Institute of Chicago — if he can afford it.

Check out Ryan’s million dollar paint job!


The Million Penny Homepage

After the success of Alex Tew’s web page, many copycats popped up all around the Net.

One, James Thomson, claims to have wiped out over $30,000 in personal debt thanks to his unique website called the million penny homepage.

What led to his success?… James sold pixels for just a penny, instead of a dollar.


Other Million Dollar Ideas

Back in 1998, Neil Strauss came up with a list of million dollar ideas that he thought would eventually make money. Here it is 2006, and the truth is… many of his ideas did, in fact, make someone big money for their inventors.

In 2002, Bob Mook also came up with his own million-dollar ideas. You’ve got to admit… they’re creative, unique, and many of them have potential. You never know, some may catch on — in time.


The Times They Are A Changin’

To get a feel for the types of ideas that tend to be money-makers in the end, check out these annual lists of “million dollar business ideas” from previous years.


How To Get One Million Dollars… The Easy Way

If you’re not the creative type, or you haven’t quite got the time to get a new idea or invention off the ground, then you could always take the fast track to a million dollars…

Get your own million dollar bills for your own fun & games:

Million dollar bill.

If there’s just no stopping you, and a million isn’t enough, then get yourself some billion dollar bills!

Finally, this million dollar idea might just get you more business… Check out these custom-made million dollar bill business cards.


Simon Cowell’s “Million Dollar Idea” To Air On ABC

It looks like controversial Simon Cowell (American Idol) is up to something new… another reality TV show.

This one is called “The Million Dollar Idea” and he’s the show’s producer.

ABC has ordered nine episodes of the unscripted show, which will give aspiring entrepreneurs a shot at $1 million to launch a new business or product. Source

Simon’s latest business venture brings with it even more controversy, as he’s being sued by these guys.