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Popular Content Writing Jobs: 5 Of The Best Jobs For Writers Just Starting Out

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By Aimee

There are some great jobs for writers these days — whether you’re looking for a full-time gig, or just looking for some extra income through freelance writing online.

I used to wonder how people got paid for doing something as fun as writing.

Then I became one of them… and I wondered no more!

content writing jobs include magazine and online copywriting


My Experience As A Writer

I’ve always liked to write. One of my first jobs after graduating from college was working at the Alumni Association at UCF. I was enrolled in graduate school when I worked there, and part of my job was proofreading the alumni publication named Pegasus Magazine (in addition to writing some of the content). Writing and editing were two of my favorite tasks.

I was always impressed with my colleague, Lynnette — who seemed to pick up even the tiniest editorial mistakes with her red pen. She was fun to work with, displayed great attention to detail (a key attribute for a writer/editor), and had a work ethic I admired.

I was a pretty green writer/editor but I learned a lot from sitting on the editorial board with her. It’s funny… I never knew this was how my career in writing would begin.

Fast-forward some 20+ years later… Lynnette has made a career as a writer, is the owner and publisher of The Fun Times Guide (a network of 32 websites), and employs me as a full-time writer and editor. So, together, we know a thing or two about content writing jobs!

Are you ready to get started as a freelance writer?…

Lynnette and I have combined our favorite freelance writing resources into the following lists — by writing niche.

If you’re ready to try freelance writing, here are some great jobs for writers to consider:


#1 – Web Content Writer

content writer writes articles with the purpose of entertaining and enticing the online audience to stay longer on a website and engage with the brand.

While it doesn’t pay much initially, content writing is one of the best jobs for writers just starting out and a great way to create your portfolio and fill it with articles that have been credited to you. You can take it from there to break into higher-paying job markets — like writing magazine features, a regular newspaper column, or even a web series.

There’s no doubt that text is king of the Web. Being a web content writer can get you lucrative ghostwriting opportunities, and a whole host of other positions.

You might get a gig out of it like a telecommuting researcher or a writing assistant for publishing houses. 

You could enjoy success as a travel, health, fashion, automobile, or entertainment writer — to name just a few general categories. Each category has a unique spectrum of opportunities all its own.

Being a web content writer will pave the way if you’re also interested in creating and monetizing websites on your own — like we’ve done.

Many web writers either launch websites and blogs of their own on niche subject areas, or they partner with a website owner that has similar goals. Done well, this could be a lucrative way to generate revenue.

Tips & resources to review before you look for web content writing jobs:


#2 – Blogger / Forum Poster

blog-writerA blog writer shares their own firsthand experiences in a way that ultimately helps others. You combine documented facts and stats with your own opinions and experience in order to help someone else reach a conclusion or make a decision.

Blog writing might prove to be an interesting niche for you — as it did for both of us (and other writers on our team).

I think blogging is one of the easiest writing categories to get into, and one of the easiest to excel at.

While it’s not very high-paying at first, it’s one of the best jobs for writers with little or no experience.

Blog writing can help you build a network of clients, fellow writers, and editors, that will ultimately make your portfolio stronger as a freelance writer.

As we’ve said before, many companies, brands, and websites are looking for writers. They need people who are knowledgeable about a specific topic to post regularly on their blogs and forums.

Why? Because blogs and forums are a great way to increase web traffic — which ultimately leads to increased sales for the company. In addition, many are looking for knowledgeable writers to leave comments on others’ blogs and forums too — because that’s another way to get the word out about their brand.

Once you’ve earned a reputation in a specialized niche (such as cars, cooking, pets, or parenthood) as a blogger, then it’s easier to write for established (higher paying) organizations in those same niches. For example, it’s not uncommon for popular websites and corporate brands that are short-staffed to buy content in the form of A) fact-based articles or B) fun & opinionated blogs to keep their websites looking fresh and up-to-date.

Or, you could always jump right in and start your own blog on a specific niche topic that you’re incredibly knowledgeable about — but it takes a lot more time and dedication to make a significant amount of money that way. That said, it’s a great way to get paid for doing something that you’re already doing anyway.

Tips & resources to look into before you look for freelance blog jobs:


#3 – Copywriter

A copywriter writes advertising or marketing pieces with the sole purpose of selling — a brand, its products, or services.

If you already have a background in marketing and/or you have a way with words and feel confident about persuading someone to buy a service or product purely on the basis of your write-ups, this is one of the more lucrative jobs for writers that would fit perfectly with your skillset. With a background in marketing, you could go far as a copywriter!

The goal is to create hard-hitting material which can be used for marketing purposes.

Typically this is in the form of online web content (landing pages), newsletters, ebooks, infographics, email newsletters, and press releases.

Tips & resources to peruse before you look for copywriting jobs:


#4 – Resume Writer

resume-writingA resume writer helps people summarize their skills and experience on a single page — using the most effective words and phrases that will increase their odds of getting an interview.

If you feel that you have a knack for helping others kick-start their career search — and you’re good at writing, summarizing, and editing — then this could be one of the most-fitting of the content writing jobs available to you.

Resume writing is a skill that is easily combined with other money-making professional services, like career consultant and career coach, It’s one of the easiest jobs for writers to break into and keep busy from the get-go.

Tips & resources to consult before you look for resume writing jobs:


#5 – Technical Writer

A technical writer creates product guides, instruction manuals, and other supporting materials in a simple way to make it understandable for people who don’t have a technical background.

You could go far as a technical writer, if you:

  • Have an engineering, science, or technical background
  • Are familiar with the technical jargon for a particular industry
  • Are fascinated by various technologies, procedures, and products

You’ll enjoy spinning out tutorials, manuals, and product guides — and getting paid to do it.

If technical writing is your forte, then go for it! The pay for freelance technical writers is among the best. Technical writing is one of the more specialized jobs for writers that could quickly turn into a serious career.

Tips & resources to consider before you look for technical writing jobs:


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