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Best & Worst Paying Jobs In The U.S.

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By David

Ever wonder what type of job people have when you drive by large mansions or get passed by a Porsche?

Forbes came up with their annual best and worst paying jobs list and some of the results may surprise some people.

The usual jobs come to mind when you think about making money: anesthesiologists (avg. $184,340) and surgeons ($184,150) make up the top 2, respectively. In fact, of the top 15 jobs, 13 of them are medical occupations (which includes general practice, surgeons, dentistry, psychiatrists – and even podiatrists).

The other 2 non-medical jobs in the top 15 are chief-executives and airplane pilots.

Of the next ten jobs, most involve management in a particular industry and are pretty split between business and science fields. Beginning at #15 are lawyers averaging a small $113,660.

Next, is air traffic controller making on average $110,270.

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