5 Home Business Ideas You Can Operate On Weekends

google-business-cardsIn this economy, many people are searching for ways to supplement their current income.

While some folks may have entrepreneurial aspirations and seem to be a natural fit for trying new part-time gigs on the side. For others, the concept of quitting your full time job to pursue opening a small business may seem too risky to even consider.

After all, in most cases, starting a business requires a lot of time and attention.

However, there are a number of part-time opportunities that would enable you to keep your full time job and still operate a small business of your own on the side.

By starting a business that primarily requires working only on the weekends, you could obtain that supplemental income you’re searching for.

 First, read How To Prepare To Launch Your Start-Up Business

Here are 5 home business ideas that are fun and that you can operate on the weekends…


#1  Bounce House Rental Business

Inflatable bounce houses (also known as moon bouncers or jumpers) are a great way to make some weekend cash with little effort.

Many parents who host birthday parties for their kids want to rent a bounce house for the day of the event. These bounce houses are almost always the hit of the party, and they are very simple to set up.

You can purchase a bounce house for about $1,500 and they typically rent for between $125 and $200 for 6 to 8 hours. Simply bring the deflated bounce house to the location and inflate it with a large snail fan. Within minutes, the bounce house is ready to go!

After the party, you simply return to the location, take down the bounce house, collect your cash and go! You will need to have insurance for your inflatable bounce house, which runs about $750 to $1,100 per year.




#2  Wedding Limo Service

99% of weddings take place on Saturdays and you can take advantage of this by starting a wedding limousine business.

Brides-to-be are always in search of a reliable limo service and, believe it or not, you can purchase a used stretch limousine for reasonably cheap. Wedding limousines typically rent for $75 to $95 per hour in most states.

Make up some business cards and drop them off at every bridal shop, tuxedo shop, and florist in town. Be sure and call your state’s Public Utilities Commission to find out what permits are required for your limo. You will also need limousine insurance, and it’s a good idea to open a limited liability company (LLC) for this type of business.

Your limo business can also extend beyond weddings if you like. For example, there’s also prom season, transportation to and from the airport, celebrity chauffeuring, and tailgating. Limos are frequently rented on holidays like New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day as well.




#3  Youth Sports Photographer

Many youth sporting events take place on the weekends, and almost all of the teams involved in these events will hire a photographer to take team photographs.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture quality team photos. These days, digital camera technology can help overcome a lack of professional skills.

You will need to obtain some basic outdoor lighting knowledge, which can be acquired by taking a photography lighting class or researching lighting techniques online.

Once you have honed your skills, you can contact all of the local youth sports teams and offer them your photography services. If you have some samples of prior team photos that you have taken, attach these photos to an email and send it to the youth sports coordinators.

Being a youth sports photographer is an excellent job for people who love working with kids and enjoy being outdoors.




#4  Power Washing Business

Many people want to have their homes, driveways, porches and decks power washed so they look fresh and new. This is especially true after the winter months.

You can purchase a commercial quality power washer at most Home Depot or Lowes home improvement stores. They cost between $200 and $800 to buy. After completing as few as 2 or 3 jobs, you will have paid for the power washer.

Power washers are easy to operate and they can make a vast improvement in the look of people’s homes.

Be sure and research any soaps or detergents that you may use and which surfaces are safe for power washing and which ones are not.

Hand out fliers in your local community advertising your power washing services.




#5  Lawn Mowing Company

Many people don’t want to spend the time mowing their lawns; they would rather hire someone to do it.

If you already have a lawn mower and basic gardening tools, you can have a lawn mowing service up and running in no time.

You may also need to purchase an edge trimmer and a leaf blower in order to blow the grass clippings off sidewalks and driveways.

Just like power washing, you can hand out fliers within your community. Also, consider offering your customers a one-time discount for referrals.

The reason so many high school students mow lawns for extra cash is because of how easily this business can be started. Other than the price of gas and oil for the lawn mower, there is very little start up costs involved with a lawn mowing service.

You won’t get rich mowing lawns, but if you need some extra pocket cash on the weekends then lawn mowing might be the perfect job for you.




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