Fun New Job Opportunity: Become A Flea Market Vendor

flea-market-vendor-by-zoetnet.jpg Setting yourself up as a flea market vendor is just about the easiest business a person could get into.

To get started as a flea market vendor, all you need to do is empty out your basement or garage of stuff you haven’t used in years, head to your local flea market, rent yourself a spot, and start selling your stuff to others.

Of course, if you plan on being in business more than one or two days it will take a bit more effort than that.

Here are some ideas for getting started as a flea market vendor…


Getting Started

As a flea market vendor, there are no huge start-up fees. Instead, there’s just the small cost of doing business.

Established flea markets will generally rent you a spot for a nominal fee.

Depending on local and state regulations, you may be required to obtain a sales tax number for your flea market business.

There may also be restrictions concerning the sale of animals or homemade food items, among other things.


How To Find Things To Sell


Many professional flea market vendors spend their time during the week attending auctions and estate sales. This enables them to find good deals on items that they will eventually offer at their own flea market booths.

I once sold off the remainder of a moving sale to a flea market vendor as a way to get rid of everything in one shot. By buying everything at a reduced package price, he was able to turn a nice profit by re-selling those things at his own flea market.


How To Find Flea Markets


Here are some online directories to help you find flea market opportunities in your region:

My all-time favorite flea market is the First Monday Trade Days in Canton TX. On the first weekend of every month (year round), you can find an endless variety of bargains available all in one place. The entire town gets into the spirit!

Take this video tour of the Canton Flea Market and you’ll understand why they say everything’s bigger in Texas:

If there aren’t any organized flea markets in your area, you still have some options.

For example, here in Duluth Minnesota people set up an impromptu flea market during the summer months on an empty small lot on the edge of town. It’s a n narrow strip of city-owned land where a handful of vendors park their vehicles and sell directly from their trunk or tailgate. Some sell homemade craft items, others bring collectables and set up tables to display their goods.

flea-market-in-parking-lot.jpg You may also be able to organize a flea market in the parking lot of a convenience store or supermarket. Churches might be interested in renting you space in their parking lots for a daily (or monthly) sale. As the promoter (or organizer of the flea market), you could collect a fee from other vendors that wish to rent space there as well.


More About The Flea Market Vendor Business

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