Working From Home? (Me Too!) Here Are 5 Tips For Staying Sane …And Avoiding Stress

by Joshua

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I made the leap… I’ve started working from home as a full-time freelance writer.

Did You Know?… As of 2013, 1 in 5 Americans work from home.

It took me 2 years to build a client base that allowed me to do it (and keep lights on at home and food in the fridge). But I did.

And, I’m loving it. Um, well… most of the time.


You see, I’m a pretty sociable guy, and while I love what I do, I miss the people I used to work with at my old office job.

I actually miss a few other things, too, like water cooler talk, seeing new faces, and birthday cake day (my old job also had bagel Fridays, too!).

Surely, I thought, there must be a way I can avoid the stress of isolation while working from home. After all, the absence of my work buddies, getting out of the house every day, and all those yummy office carbs isn’t easy.

However, I’ve figured out how to work from home and manage the situation so I stay happy and healthy. I’m enjoying virtually every facet of working from home now — stress free and worry free.

Here are 5 tips that I use every day to stay happy, energized, and (relatively) sane while you work from home. I hope these tips help you, too!


#1 – Get out of the house every day.

Sounds simple enough, right? Umm… maybe not.

I had so much work to handle right out of the gate on my first day of working from home that I actually didn’t get out of the house for close to 3 days. No kidding.

Now, I’m not complaining, per se, about having a heavy work load. After all, it’s nice to have too much work to do as a freelancer. It’s better than the alternative, right?

But, no matter what, you have to get out of the house and get some Vitamin D every day.

Here are some ideas for getting out of the house when you work at home:

  • Take a walk around the block.
  • Drive to the nearest mall and walk around there.
  • Get lunch or coffee at your favorite place nearby.
  • Visit your local park.
  • Walk your dog.
  • Go to church, a yoga class, or head toward another destination where you find inner peace and solace.


#2 – Don’t work in your pajamas.

I can honestly say that even on the first day of working from home, I didn’t head over to my desk in my PJs.

Even as a teenager, I’d change into my day clothes right after waking up. I guess I’ve never really been much of a pajama lounger.

While working at home, it can brighten your spirits to change into something to wear for work each day. You don’t have to dress business casual and all that. But, put something on that you won’t feel embarrassed walking out of the house in.

Changing into work from home clothes will also, by the way, help you take action on following tip numero uno above.

And saving your pajamas for nighty-night time will also help to prevent you from associating your nightwear with work, making for a more peaceful (and stress-free) rest.


#3 – Break your work day up.

I think most people have become pretty aware about the health banes of sitting in a chair all day long. However, I also believe many people may associate the sitting-related health problems only with the office cubicle.

But your body doesn’t know if it’s sitting in a chair within a multi-story, fluorescent-lighted office building or in your cozy, comfortable home. Sitting is sitting is sitting.

So, get up, move around, and make sure you’re not sitting in your chair too long. Sitting for long periods causes physical stress that can lead to or aggravate aches and pains.

Health professionals recommend getting up and moving around every so often. I like to get up for at least 5 minutes once for every 30 minutes of sitting I do.


#4 – Make social dates to avoid isolation.

Don’t let working from home stifle your social life!

My old office friends and I got together one Friday afternoon not too long ago. It was a fun chance to catch up with them and also see some familiar faces. That lunch date was quite enjoyable, and I hope to schedule another one soon.

You should make sure you stay in touch with your friends. Or, if your new work-from-home job is far away from your former workplace or old city, then create a new circle of friends and be sure to hang out with them every now and then.


Making — and keeping — friendships is one sure way to avoid that dreaded isolation and keep a positive outlook on life! You’ll also be more productive if you’re feeling good.


#5 – Create a work schedule for yourself.

Admittedly, one of the biggest perks of working at home is being your own boss. But does working all hours of the day, every day, sound like a nice lifestyle to maintain?

I’m a “Type-A” guy, and even I say no.

Make a work schedule, and try and stick to it.

You still need time to enjoy life outside of work (even if work is inside your home). You have to foster friendships, breathe fresh air, and take vacations.

If you need to work 40, 50, or whatever number of hours each week, try to create at least a loose work schedule that you’ll follow.

Keeping a regular work from home schedule will also help you stay more productive.

Oh, and even though you’re working from home, don’t forget to still keep setting your alarm in the morning! Your body will be at its best if its circadian rhythm is constant.


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