Recession-Proof Jobs: 5 Fun & Unique Ways To Become Self-Employed During An Economic Recession

by Curtis

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Unfortunately, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has very little to say about the current unemployment numbers that is encouraging.

Every day, thousands of good and honest hardworking Americans are being given their pink slips.

During an economic recession, you might be wondering how to become self employed if you are laid off unexpectedly

Fortunately, under every rain cloud lies a silver lining.

Sometimes it takes unusually severe conditions for the average person to seriously consider making a life-changing decision when it comes to their source of income.

It may take tough times like this to realize that you may never again work in the field you had previously chosen.

So what’s next?

Well… how great would it be to go into business for yourself while helping to meet the basic needs of men, women, and children? Recession-proof jobs that focus on things like food, shelter, transportation, personal wellbeing, and the like will always be in demand.

No matter what, you’ve got to eat to survive. So does everybody else.

Following are 4 food service ideas worth considering during an economic recession, plus 1 simple vendor idea that could get you started on your path toward freedom.

Our top picks for recession-proof jobs…


4 Food Service Ideas

Everybody’s got to eat — recession or not!

No matter how hard times become, there will always be a market for simple, inexpensive, carry-it-with-you food.

We’ve written a whole series of articles on how to become self-employed in the food industry.

Here’s how to get started in small food sales operations during an economic recession:

How To Start A Food Catering Truck Business

How To Make Money As A Hot Dog Vendor

How To Operate A Mini Donut Concession Stand

How To Start A Vending Machine Business

Each of these jobs can be started by one person with a modest investment — and you’ll have the potential to grow as large as you can envision!

For the record, operating a restaurant business is not always the best option during an economic recession for these reasons:

  • Start-up costs for a restaurant (fast food or otherwise) can run you into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • With a long list of employees, you would be responsible for many people beyond your own family.
  • The risk is huge, especially knowing that 90% of all restaurants fail within the first year.

Few people are in the position to consider a full-fledged restaurant operation these days — especially in light of the current economy.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of other food service opportunities that don’t require a fortune in start-up costs!


1 Flea Market Idea

If food service opportunities aren’t the type of recession-proof jobs you’re interested in, there is another path that might be worth considering: the flea market business!

Wondering how to become self employed during this recession? We will show you how to create your own recession-proof job!

With more people being forced to sell their homes and move as bank foreclosures continue to plague the housing market, there are lots of basements and garages filled with forgotten knick knacks and little-used items. Believe it or not, those items may be just what someone else has been searching for — and those items could bring you a decent income during an economic recession!

Flea markets have always been popular places to make extra money when times are tight — which is why I think one of the best recession-proof jobs is to become a flea market vendor.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Here are my best tips to help you get started: How To Become A Flea Market Vendor During An Economic Recession

Becoming a successful small business operator will give you the freedom to make your own decisions — and work on your own schedule.

Lots of capital and a fancy education are not requirements in order to succeed as a flea market vendor. Instead, drive, motivation, and a willingness to learn will carry you much farther.

TIP: If these 10 recession-proof businesses happen to be in your field of expertise, then your odds are a little better that you’ll find a good job and make it through this recession unscathed.


How To Beat The Recession When You Own A Business

While it’s clear that the economic recession has made things tough for individuals, it has also made things harder for businesses.

Here is a list of recession proof jobs that will still be strong and hiring during an economic recession

If you own a business and you want to make it through the recession with ease, there are some things you should do:

  • Buy with cash and avoid using credit as much as possible.
  • Meet at least once a week with your employees so you can work together as a team to succeed.
  • Keep an eye on your cash flow reports and make new reports often.
  • Be aware of any rules your bank has attached to loans or lines of credit that your business has.
  • Have a business plan and be willing to alter it as often as needed.

Here’s the complete list of tips for recession proof businesses.

One way that businesses can save money and hang on longer in a recession is by bartering. Bartering for services between businesses save both companies money and get each company some new business as well!


The Bottom Line About Recession-Proof Jobs

You always want to be prepared in case you lose your job.

Be knowledgeable about the current economy and be prepared for anything!

Check out the following CNN video about starting a small business. Perhaps it will motivate you to take the plunge toward recession-proofing your career:

Once you become self-employed, never again will you be a victim of someone else’s business failures. Instead, your success (or failure) will be in your own hands.

TIP: Another fun job idea during an economic recession is to try your hand as a freelance writer — because individuals and companies will always need someone to do their writing for them. Since freelancing is our area of expertise here at The Fun Times Guide, we’ve compiled some of our best tips for finding freelance writing jobs and the best freelancing websites you should start with.