Should You Dumb Down Your Resume To Get The Job?

For most people on the job market right now, jobs are hard to find — especially for more experienced workers. So the question is often asked, “Should I dumb down my resume to help get my foot in the door?” Here are the pros and cons of dumbing down your resume.

Federal Minimum Wage – Little Known Facts

The current federal minimum wage is $7.25, but wvery state is different as to what their minimum wage is. Many states have established their own minimum wage — which is usually higher than the federal minimum wage. Here’s a list of minimum wages, state by state.

11 Tips For Surviving A Furlough Or Layoff

Here are 11 things you should do and 4 things you shouldn’t do in the event that your company is doing furloughs or laying off employees. Yes, you can make it through these tough and trying times!

Looking For A Job In This Tight Economy? Here Are 7 Industries That Are Hiring!

If you are looking for a job — or a second job — you might be discouraged. It seems that jobs are few and far between these days. However, if you extend your job search to a few specific industries, you may find that there are quite a few industries that are actively hiring right now. Here are some places you may want to look to find a job, or possibly even… to start a business.

6 New Tips For Today’s Job Seeker

These new job search tips apply to anyone entering the job market for the very first time. I realize that ‘general’ job search tips can be found in books and websites everywhere, but these are very specific tips geared for TODAY’s job seeker. Consider these the best new ‘modern’ tips that will make the biggest difference in your job search.

Reasons To Live Closer To Your Job

While there are many good reasons to live in a home miles away from your place of employment — such as price, and the fact that you may have owned the home before you got the job — there are also many reasons to live closer to your job.